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“Really awesome responsive company. As a home owner that’s been doing a lot of remodeling on my fixer-upper this has been only company I’ve hired that’s held up there end of the contract as sent to me every other company im using for different projects has been a hassle but kevin and his company has been a breeze to use and I definitely recommend to anyone. Don’t be like me and use a real company like this one”

About Thibeault Home Improvement

Thibeault Home Improvement is a family-owned contracting business that has been trusted for over 20 years to provide top notch services for our clients. Kevin and Arianna work as a team to provide you the best service from estimate to end result, no matter the scale of your project. We work by our motto from my Pepe: “We’re not the best, but there’s nobody better”.

Check out our reviews, they speak for themselves.

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